In addition to enclosing screw, barrel is also responsible for distributing the heat generated by the heater group and, melting the plastic raw material by pressure in addition to heat; by operating within low tolerance values with screw.

EFOR LTD, designs barrels compatible with all types of injection and extrusion machineries, to work ideally with the screw group. EFOR LTD manufactures the high-quality steel with precise labour. Barrels are subjected to heat treatment for increased abrasion protection.

The dimension span of the barrels manufactured by EFOR LTD can be found on Table-2. Note that the values given in Table-2 are the dimension of 1-pieced barrels. The barrels with more length are produced as multiple pieced barrel


 Min. Internal Diameter (mm)


 Max. Internal Diameter (mm)


 Max. Length of Piece (mm)



The common types of barrels manufactured by our company are as follow;

  • Barrel for Single Screw
  • Barrel for Twin Screw
  • Barrels for Recycling (Double Diameter)
  • Barrels with Degassing Zone

If it is required or enquired by customer, water cooling zone and/or threaded internal zone at feeding section (to increase the capacity) are added to the barrel design.